Just Begin : April 2014 Goals


One day last week Bryan said to me, “I am not sure which way is up or which is down right now.”  That sums up most of my month of March. March was a busy month and then we just happen to come down with a rather vicious and need I say relentless stomach bug.  It… 

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Begin Anywhere, Just BEGIN!

goals 032014

That is going to be my new outlook on life: Begin Anywhere, Just BEGIN! Life is full of the unexpected and uncertainty.  We may have plans and we think we plan for the unexpected, but truly, we have to just learn to roll with whatever life throws our way. With the start of 2013 and… 

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An Explanation to the Silence

silly-faces (1 of 1)

  Just a quick note, I wanted to let you know that the reason why the blog has been rather quiet lately is that I have been working on the backend trying to get a few things worked out.  You see, someone that I do not know, or does not know me hacked my site. … 

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Toe-Tapping Fun at Disney Live! Mickey’s Musical Festival

Disney Live! Austin

As Disney fans, we were invited to see Disney Live! Mickey’s Musical Festival in exchange with sharing about our experiences.  All opinions shared our own. There is nothing more exciting than to see your healthy child happy.  Watching their little eyes fill with wonder and excitement makes my own heart glow.  My children have a… 

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Declutter in Ten Minutes

Saying we want to simplify our lives is so simple.  The action that comes next is the daunting task!  Where do I start?  That is the question running through my mind as I gaze at what I need to tackle; the mounds of paperwork needing to be sorted and filed, the calendar with seemingly endless… 

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