Canning & Preserving: The Tools

For many of the basic tools needed, you may already have them in your kitchen.  There are a few items that are made for canning that are needed but none are extremely costly and many can probably be found used.  You will need basic items such as a cutting board, knives, spoons, bowls and even your stockpot. Glass Canning Jars There are many types of glass jars but for canning you want to use jars that are specifically made for {Read More}

Canning & Preserving: Intro into Home Canning

Photo Credit: While for many today, the thoughts of home canning are something your Grandmother may have done, as a whole so many have moved away from preserving their own food.  Over the next weeks, I will share with you some of my experiences with canning and why I love it!  My Mother canned while I was growing up and I vividly remember even as a child our family sitting together shelling purple hull peas, snapping green beans and {Read More}