Green Tips for a Backyard Spring Clean Up

Rural compost pile with a rustic pitch fork and flowers in the background

Spring brings great things: sunshine, warmth, and the blooming of flowers and plants in every color of the rainbow.  Critters, great and small, come out of hibernation, active and hungry. However, with all this abundance of life, comes a responsibility… Dare we utter the words spring cleaning? While scrubbing your baseboards and rotating a mattress… 

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How to Start Seeds Indoors

Starting Seedling (1 of 2)

Seeds have three basic needs to germinate and grow successfully: light/warmth, water and food. The first place to begin is to decide what type of plants you wish to grow in your garden.  Most people find it the easiest to list the types of vegetables they eat most often.  Then you will need to collect your… 

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Fall Gardening: Growing Garlic

Garlic is a crop that once you put a little effort into planning and planting, doesn’t require much care.  We truly appreciate that after having the long, intensive heat we have had this summer.  Garlic does well planted in the fall.  It gives the bulb’s time to sprout roots and begin to develop before the… 

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