Simple Garlic Hummus Recipe

Garlic Hummus recipe

While I realize hummus is not for everyone, it is in our family.  I can eat it by the cup and the kids, they love hummus!  I am not sure if it is the creamy texture or the tangy flavor but we are hooked.  I never feel bad about how much hummus they eat since it… 

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Dairy Free Muffin Recipe

dairy free muffin recipe

Let me start by saying that just because something is dairy free doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious!  Since both of my girls are dairy-free right now, so I am.  Muffins are one of Addie’s favorite things to eat for breakfast.  My basic naked muffin recipe was very easy to convert to a dairy free muffin… 

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No Knead Herb Bread Recipe with Olive Oil

herb bread finished #shop

While I personally do have to stict to a gluten-free diet, I currently am eating dairy-free for my little one.  I have missed having a slice of bread with butter but who says you need dairy to have delicious bread, especially when it is homemade!  Olive oil is the perfect solution for bread making in… 

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